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Alzheimer’s and the Law: Counseling Clients with Dementia and Their Families by Kerry Peck and Rick L. Law, with Brandon Peck and Diana Law

Alzheimer’s and The Law blends substantive information with practice pointers and interdisciplinary advice. The end result is a book that is informative and interesting to read. Every lawyer working with older clients will encounter clients with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. This book focuses on how to help these clients and their families with the most common personal legal issues.

Pro Bono

Profiles in Pro Bono: An Interview with Louraine Arkfeld

Judge Louraine Arkfeld (ret.) was the presiding judge for the Tempe Municipal Court for over 16 years. She was a judge for a total of 26 years, having previously served 10 years on the Phoenix Municipal Court bench, five of those as the assistant presiding judge. Prior to her time on the bench, she had been a prosecutor, public defender, and private practitioner. She currently serves as the vice-chair of the Senior Lawyers Division and will become chair in August 2015.

Insurance & Financial Services

Should You Invest in Hedge Funds? An Interview with Harold S. Zlot, chairman of Access Fund Management Co.

We’ve all heard of hedge funds, but few of us know what they are and even fewer have considered investing in them as part of our investment planning. To help understand the role of hedge fund investment and dispel some of the myths that cause people to avoid them, Bruce Mann, chair of the Investment Strategies Committee, interviewed Harold S. Zlot, chairman of Access Fund Management Co., an investment advisory firm focused on advising clients on investments in hedge funds.

Military & Veterans

Volunteer for Vets, Learn about Senior Driver Issues—and Come to Wyoming!

First, volunteer legal assistance for veterans, in particular for disabled veterans. You will recall the fall issue of Experience devoted to veterans and a description of the Veterans Administration programs to provide volunteer lawyer assistance. On March 22, Albany Law School hosted such a program. I had registered to participate, looked forward to the experience and to the satisfaction of helping a veteran in need of a lawyer. A client conflict prevented it. Fortunately I was able to contribute in a small way by arranging for the New York State Bar Association to donate a set of the New York Lawyer’s Deskbook and the New York Lawyer’s Form Book, a seven-volume set of materials in both print and electronic form, with a retail price of $750. It will enable volunteer lawyers to draft documents on the spot for participating veterans, a living will, healthcare proxy, last will and testament, and simple business forms. But for me there’s more: the Saratoga County Bar Association organized its own Veterans Legal Clinic in mid-April. I’ll be there. Fellow SLD members, join this national effort and feel good!


The Student Debt Crisis: Seniors Included!

Now that it is approaching crisis dimensions, it is time to revisit a topic addressed some years ago that is finally starting to receive serious attention from the media and from our elected officials. It is the escalating repayment obligations and default rates by borrowers of all ages on the $1.2 trillion in outstanding student debt, of which $1 trillion is in federal student loans, and the impact thereof on those individuals, their families, the economy, and taxpayer responsibility for repayment of the $17.5 trillion national debt.