September 01, 2013

Elected Officials: Up to the Task?

Warren Belmar

The Labor Day holiday has just passed, Congress has returned from its August recess, and the executive and legislative branches are confronted with a host of foreign and domestic crises requiring immediate attention. While this has become the norm in Washington, this year the list of crises has gotten longer and the time frame for action has gotten shorter.

By the time you read this column, Congress will have had to address the most pressing of foreign policy issues: whether to approve President Obama’s request for approval of a surgical air strike against the Assad regime in Syria as punishment for its using chemical weapons against its own people. And that decision, and the consequences thereof, will have an impact on the ability of the Congress and the Obama administration to work together on future foreign policy issues, let alone to craft solutions to the intractable domestic issues that have been left unresolved for far too long.

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