September 01, 2013

Confessions of a Travel Addict

Thomas C. Warren

I can’t tell you how many people on a daily basis ask either Mary Ann or me, “Have you been on any good trips lately?” Surprisingly, we really don’t spend a lot of the year traveling. We just seem to go often. We have never been travelers who take off in the winter for four or five months to Arizona; never had a desire to own a second home in Palm Springs; never (God forbid!) had any desire to own and drive a humongous 40-foot, quarter-million-dollar motorhome—you know, the ones that sit for 335 days a year in your driveway and should require a special license for old geezers with poor reaction time and require more strenuous testing than a commercial driver’s license!

So, just how do you get a reputation for being what I would call a “travel addict?” It all starts with becoming anxious when you do not have some trip planned. In order to calm the addiction, you really need to become a travel planner. Putting together the potential adventure, at least in my mind, is often as much fun as the travel. Mary Ann says every good marriage has a travel planner and beautiful travel companion. Get going by buying the guidebooks, search the destinations on the Internet, talk to others who have visited there, chat with travel agents (even if you book it yourself on the Web), read travel literature, and then put together the plan!

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