December 1, 2012

From the Top: Come to Vancouver for the Three Ss

By Bruce A. Mann

The Senior Lawyers Division Spring Meeting on April 20–21 will focus on the 3 Ss that will combine to make your attendance at the meeting a success. What are they?


We are planning a program for Friday afternoon that will help you deal with the issues facing all senior lawyers, both in their professional and personal lives. These issues are ably discussed by John Quinn in this issue of VOE in his article “An Evolutionary Elder Law Practice.” John points out that “A competent elder law attorney must understand . . . the complexity of family and other relationships.” In the family law, estate planning, and elder law settings, it is not unusual for a lawyer to have a relationship with multiple members of the same family. In many situations determining who the client is and how a lawyer can represent the family without running afoul of the Rules of Professional Conduct can be a minefield. While in many of these areas the approach taken by elder law practitioners in Canada and the United States are the same, there are some meaningful differences. A panel of both Canadian and U. S. elder law practitioners will help you understand these complexities and will compare the Canadian and U. S. approaches to dealing with them.

Spectacular Sights

John Parr’s article focuses on the sights and side trips you will enjoy if you visit Vancouver, which he describes as “one of the most spectacular cities in the world, and a Top 100 World Destination.” If you come to the SLD meeting, you’ll want to allow additional time to visit the places highlighted in John’s article. One word of caution that John notes: don’t forget to bring your passport. Unfortunately the days when Americans could move freely between our country and our neighbor to the north have passed.


The Annual Spring Meeting is no longer just a “meeting of the Council,” but has become a meeting of the entire Senior Lawyers Division (SLD). One of the main reasons people join the SLD is to be able to catch up with old friends from other parts of the country and to develop new friendships among lawyers with common interests and experiences. All members of the SLD are encouraged to attend the Vancouver meeting, to meet other senior lawyers and elder law practitioners, and to enjoy their company at our Friday evening dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel. As an added treat, we are inviting members of the Canadian Bar Association’s Senior Lawyers Section to join with us for a wine and cheese reception following the Friday afternoon program and the dinner that follows.