December 1, 2011

From the Top: Senior Lawyers Home and Away

By Ruth L. Kleinfeld

Shut in from all the world without, we sat the clean-winged hearth about, content to let the north-wind roar. In baffled rage at pane and door . . .

—John Greenleaf Whittier

As Whittier expressed, this is a lovely time of year for those of us blessed with warm homes. I hope you have all gotten through the near record-breaking snows without injury or discomfort, especially those unac- customed to such severe weather.

Here in the Northeast, we have been spared any hardship so far, except for the snowdrifts (welcome in the ski areas), and the snowshoeing is terrific! But what a great pleasure to sit by a blazing fire and enjoy a good book or two with a cup of brandied cider to sip and a stack of Experience magazines to finish reading too.

In planning future Senior Lawyers Division activities, we conducted a survey by Leonard Gilbert, Joe Woods, and Jay Foonberg to determine whether to continue offering travel opportunities and then followed up with a focus group.

We received a gratifying response of 4% (see below). Woods identified a travel provider who may be able to fulfill our travel desires, and our Staff Director Judith Legg is arranging a contract. Stay tuned if you think you would enjoy travel in the company of your SLD colleagues.

Many of us just returned from Atlanta for the ABA Midyear Meeting, where we had the opportu- nity to get together with the larger ABA membership and to weigh in on resolutions to be considered by the House of Delegates, several of which are of interest to SLD. Then in the spring, we will be engaged in a special leadership experience at the Mansion on Forsyth Park in the beautiful southern city of Savannah. It will take place the same weekend as the royal nuptials in London, so if your invitation to that august event has been misplaced, please consider salving your pride with your SLD colleagues on April 29–30. We will toast the bride and groom whilst conducting our governance and select committee meetings. Please plan to join us!

Survey Results: SLD Member Travel

When polled on travel destinations of interest, 103 SLD members mentioned Europe, with Italy, France, England, and Germany named most often. Next most, with 27 votes, were Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Croatia, Hungary, and Greece got a few votes each.

South Pacific and Asian countries placed second with 63 votes. Australia led, with China and Japan tied for second place. India and Vietnam received several votes.

South America was third most popular, with 44 votes split almost evenly among five countries.

Scandinavian and Nordic countries placed fourth, with 42 voters naming four countries. Norway and Sweden were the most popular.

Russia, Turkey, the Middle East (Holy Land only), the Baltic region, Africa, Canada, Alaska, and the Caribbean islands each received a few votes