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A Chance to Travel: Morocco—What a Surprise!

As the Royal Air Maroc jet liner arrives in Casablanca at dawn in the mist, I of course lean over to Mary Ann and ask her if she thinks Humphrey Bogart will be on the dark tarmac waiting to greet us. I have never been able to think about Casablanca without my mind clicking on the classic movie of the same name. Well, we didn’t see Humphrey or Ingrid, but we did have to walk onto the tarmac as there were no jetways, as sometimes happens in third-world countries.


A Chance to Travel: European Coastal Civilizations

The first offering of SLD’s Travel Program for 2012 is to be in April: “European Coastal Civilizations,” a cruise on M.V. Le Boréal beginning in Lisbon and ending in Normandy. A pre-boarding extension in Lisbon and a post-debarkation extension in France are available. Trip arrangements are by Thomas P. Gohagan & Company of Chicago. Personal arrangements for coordinated longer stops in Lisbon or Paris can be made through Gohagan. See page 14. It would be sad to be in a great city such as Lisbon and use it only as a port of departure. The pre-cruise election would give you a taste of Lisbon that could well lure you back someday for a longer stay.


Shingles 101: A Public Service Message

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has put out a seven-point program to inform the public about shingles, a painful and miserable medical condition. They want us to know: • One in three Americans will contract shingles • One million new cases occur each year • It only strikes people who have had chicken pox • Risks and complications rise with age • Symptoms include a blistery rash and nerve pain • It can cause vision and hearing damage • The vaccine cuts risk by about half