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Domestic Relations

Senior Divorce Surge

A mega-trend in the 21st century is the burgeoning number of divorcing seniors. The divorce rate for the “50 plus” demographic is estimated to have doubled in the past decade. National attention was riveted when Al and Tipper Gore announced their separation by email in June 2010 after 40 years of marriage. Less surprising was Larry King’s announcement the following month that he was seeking divorce for the eighth time. More understandable is the 2011 divorce petition filed by Maria Shriver against Arnold Schwarzenegger for his secret affair with their housekeeper that produced a child.

Professional Development

Professionalism and Service Are Never Out of Date

It is an honor for me to join you on this special day of celebration in honor of the Chase College of Law Class of 2011 and to congratulate our graduates on achieving the highest levels of academic and professional success. And it is my distinct pleasure to wish all the mothers here a very happy Mother’s Day. Without you, our graduates would not even be here to accept the Juris Doctor degrees they are receiving today. As mothers, you should be justifiably proud of the success we celebrate today. You are an essential part of this joyful celebration. Let’s give all the mothers here today a big round of applause!

Business & Corporate

Share Your Knowledge as an Arbitrator in FDi Moot Competition

Below is a description of the 2010 Foreign Direct Investment International Moot Competition (FDI Moot), which was held at Pepperdine University in California. This competition draws teams from law schools all over the world, and Senior Lawyers Division members are invited to participate as “arbitrators.” Last year I participated in three of the many dozens of arbitration “hearings” as a member of different arbitrator “panels” in the qualifying rounds. In so doing, I had the opportunity to meet and interact with practicing lawyers from Mexico, France, Italy, Argentina, and Australia, among other countries, all of whom were co-arbitrators, and to meet very accomplished law students from 6 of the 17 countries represented. The 2011 competition will be held in London in early November. Chris Gibson, co-director of the competition, prepared this summary at my request to inform and attract members of our division who would like to be involved this year. -Denis T. Rice, vice-chair, Senior Lawyers Division International Issues Committee


Book Review: ERISA and Employee Benefit Law: The Essentials

David A. Pratt and Sharon Reece’s new volume published by the ABA Senior Lawyers Division, ERISA and Employee Benefit Law: The Essentials, deserves space on the desk of any lawyer practicing in the fields of elder law, employee benefits, domestic relations, retirement planning, and tax. Thanks to the authors’ clear language, insightful analysis, and thoughtful editing, the book is also a valuable resource for non-lawyers seeking an easy reference on current retirement and employee benefit principles.


Shingles 101: A Public Service Message

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has put out a seven-point program to inform the public about shingles, a painful and miserable medical condition. They want us to know: • One in three Americans will contract shingles • One million new cases occur each year • It only strikes people who have had chicken pox • Risks and complications rise with age • Symptoms include a blistery rash and nerve pain • It can cause vision and hearing damage • The vaccine cuts risk by about half


A Chance to Travel: Morocco—What a Surprise!

As the Royal Air Maroc jet liner arrives in Casablanca at dawn in the mist, I of course lean over to Mary Ann and ask her if she thinks Humphrey Bogart will be on the dark tarmac waiting to greet us. I have never been able to think about Casablanca without my mind clicking on the classic movie of the same name. Well, we didn’t see Humphrey or Ingrid, but we did have to walk onto the tarmac as there were no jetways, as sometimes happens in third-world countries.