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Lawyers’ Personal Investment Plans and Tax-Subsidized Opportunities

This article will offer a nontechnical guide to lawyers’ own investments gleaned from thirty-five years of practicing tax law. Lawyers have been a disproportionately high percentage of my client base, and we keep observing the same fact patterns. Only 18 percent of Americans have properly invested to provide a secure retirement with no diminishment to their standard of living. Unfortunately, lawyers apparently fit in with the national statistics.


From the Top: A Season of Change

As there are turns in the seasons of the year and in the seasons of life, we are in a turning point in the history of the Senior Lawyers Division, and it is exciting. At a meeting of the Executive Committee in Chattanooga, Tenn., on November 6 and 7, 2009, we spent several hours working with the associate executive director of the ABA to more carefully define the Division brand and the direction we together wish to take in the Division.

Federal Government

Washington Scene: The Year Ahead

The last week of December 2009 found President Obama and his family on vacation in Hawaii, the Congress in recess, and the District of Columbia calm and serene under a cover of snow that was beautiful to behold. This peaceful moment is far different from the Washington of the preceding weeks and months, when a continuing lack of civility among and between members of both political parties and their respective sup- porters made substantive debate of pressing legislation more of a wish than a reality.