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Should You Consider Transferring Your Retirement Fund to a Roth IRA?

2010 is being called the year of the Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA) in retirement planning circles. What a Roth IRA is and whether senior lawyers should consider transferring their retirement assets to one is discussed by Walter Burke (WTB), former chair of the Senior Lawyers Division, in response to questions posed by Bruce Mann (BAM), chair of the SLD Investment Strategies Committee.


News From the ABA Commission on Law and Aging

The ABA Commission on Law and Aging, chaired by Jeff Snell, is moving into the spring of 2010 with several exciting projects bearing fruit. For example: The Commission serves as one of the five partners in the U.S. Administration on Aging National Legal Resource Center (NLRC), managing the Elderbar Listserv; preparing legislative updates on guardian- ship and health decisions; publishing our e-journal Bifocal; and conducting research, support, training, and technical assistance on issues of interest to the aging network. The NLRC recently unveiled a new Web site for legal support to the aging net- work at