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Healthy Aging Supports Lifetime Independence

The Washington State Bar Association has an annual senior attorney CLE that I try to attend each year. It is predictable that I will sit with a few lawyers from my community who I have known over the years, and it doesn’t take long for one of us to recall a past event in our legal community that causes us to laugh or fondly remember. Our talk always seems to make it different for us. After all, we look young for our age, don’t we? We are more alert, more vital, and more involved, aren’t we? Then someone in our group will remind all of us that “we” are “they”!


Elder Law: What Are Geropsychologists, and Why Should you Care? Their role in enhancing your Practice

An older client displaying signs of dementia appears in your office wanting to make changes to her will. She is accompanied by a neighbor and caregiver on whom she has depended since the death of her husband two years prior. Do you allow your client to make the changes to her will? How will you assess decision-making abilities that may indicate diminished capacity? Do you refer your client to a professional? How will you address this issue with your client? Do you understand the caregiver’s role in your client’s wish to make changes to her will?

Insurance & Financial Services

Investing: Investing in Municipal Bonds Has the Landscape Changed?

Municipal bonds are an important part of investment portfolios for those reaching retirement age. How do the recent financial crises and fiscal challenges for local governments affect the role of municipal bonds in retirement portfolios? Michael F. Ginestro, senior fixed income portfolio analyst, and Laura L. Milner, senior investment manager, with Wells Fargo Private Bank, respond to questions posed by William D. Sherman, a member of the SLD Investment Strategies Committee.

A Chance to Travel: Cruise Characters

Cruising is an interesting way to travel. It has become a real cult for some people and they book their cruises as an exclusive way to get away from home. It is a very comfortable and safe way to be pampered, with just a bit of exploration. A cruise takes all the hassle out of travel, and if you have cruised before you know what to expect. After four cruises now, I have to say I have observed some predictable characters that you will find on just about any cruise ship.


State and Local Bar News: We’re Not Going To Be Around Forever!

The New Mexico State Bar’s Senior Lawyers Division, after the passing of some pioneers in the state’s colorful legal history, realized that the histories of prominent attorneys in the state should be preserved for present and future generations. Among the “missing” were the state’s first female attorneys and appellate and district court judges, as well as “famous” or “infamous” members of the bar. To ensure that those older attorneys making legal history in the state had their stories immortalized, volunteers from the Senior Lawyers membership were trained to conduct video interviews and conduct historically valid information by the University of New Mexico’s history librarian.

Committee News: International Issues Committee Forms Speakers’ Bureau

One of the most stimulating and rewarding experiences for a senior lawyer is teaching short courses or seminars overseas at foreign law schools or to foreign bar groups. I’ve been lucky enough to have two “gigs” at law schools in a program sponsored by the Center for International Legal Studies,, in Salzburg, Austria, and to teach current developments in American law to members of the Philippine Bar Association in Manila.