March 01, 2019 Feature

What I’d Tell My Younger Self

Rebecca Thomas, James E. Meadows, David Reischer, Cheryl Borland

If you’re like most lawyers, you’re probably much wiser today than when you stepped into your career in the law. In fact, if you could rewind the video of your life, you could probably freeze-frame certain moments that you now know were turning points. Or maybe looking back today, you now see so clearly what you’ve learned and recognize it as your guiding principles or mission in life.

We asked lawyers to do that look back to when they first began practicing and tell us what they’ve learned that they’d now tell their younger self. These responses from four lawyers are insightful and inspiring, and we think they’ll have you nodding along or even thinking of the lessons you’d pass on to the younger and less-experienced lawyer you once were.

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