November 01, 2016

Licensure and Who Blows the Whistle

Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum

A driver’s license is not an inherent right; rather, it is a privilege granted to a citizen by their state of residency. Each of the fifty states has different general licensing requirements, including a large variation of age requirements. These variations can be easily seen in licensure requirements for first-time drivers. For instance, in Pennsylvania, a first-time driver must be sixteen years old to apply for a permit (, whereas in Florida, a citizen only needs to be fifteen years old ( This age-related licensure variation can also be seen in the legislation available regarding older drivers. This article will review the different laws and procedures in place regarding the mature driver’s licensing in each of the states, including renewal requirements and reporting procedures for unsafe drivers. By going to the chart on page 34, you will be able to view an alphabetical list of all states and their respective laws.

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