June 01, 2015 EXP

A Chance to Travel: I Am Going to Kyrgyzstan. What Now?

Judge Thomas C. Warren (Ret.)

Editor’s Note: It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to the Voice of Experience newsletter. Times being what they are, the Senior Lawyers Division must sunset our beloved VOE. However, as VOE fades, we offer here by way of tribute two columns prepared before we understood that they would most likely be the last: “A Chance to Travel,” by Tom Warren, and “Washington Scene,” by Warren Belmar.

Really? Things are becoming somewhat bizarre in my travel world, it would seem. In addition, you might notice I am writing a travel article about someplace I have not yet been. I have now written 64 travel articles and, of course, most were written in the past tense. This being article number 65, it is only appropriate that I advise all my readers about how much fun I have in the planning of a trip, and this one should be a doozy.

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