January 01, 2015

First Do No Harm: Why Mediator Competency Matters in Eldercare Cases and What the Mediation Community Is Doing to Develop Qualified Practitioners

Eleanor Crosby Lanier

As someone who has long been active in the distinct fields of elder law and mediation and in the blended area sometimes called elder mediation, I receive calls on a regular basis from elder law attorneys who want to include mediation in their range of client services and from mediators who want to expand their mediation practices to include elder mediation. And because I care deeply about both the practice of elder law and the practice of mediation, I am always delighted to speak with those who see the great potential in their nexus. Aware of the demographics and the need for a wide range of approaches to resolve the personal and legal issues related to aging, most callers are confident in their abilities to provide eldercare mediation and enthusiastic about developing a practice.

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