January 01, 2014

A Call to Action

Albert C. Harvey

With this issue, we continue our newly adopted publication process of inviting leaders of the Senior Lawyers Division to serve as issue editors for Experience. Issue editors propose topics that deal with some of the most challenging issues facing us as lawyers and citizens. John Hardin “Jack” Young, an active member of the SLD and senior counsel to Sandler, Reiff, Young & Lamb, P.C., in Washington, D.C., presented the Editorial Board with the possibility of producing an issue focused on veterans and the hurdles they face when they return to civilian life. The Editorial Board enthusiastically approved his proposal.

Jack has approached his task as issue editor with passion and dedication. The issue you hold in your hands is the result of his putting together a group of writers who shared his belief in the need for a thought-provoking, intense look at the situation of veterans in our country today. For Jack, this has been more than just an intellectual exercise. It is an opportunity to inspire us to become involved.

We can all take pride in the fact that our Elder Law Series, spearheaded by issue editor Walter Burke, won a 2013 Award for Publication Excellence (APEX) in the category of Magazines & Journals, Magazine Series. We were one of eight publications out of 454 entries submitted in our category to win this prestigious designation. We look forward to continuing to enlist the services of issue editors who can sustain our new trajectory and continue to evolve Experience into a leading periodical.

Our deepest appreciation goes to our ABA Managing Editor Lisa Comforty. Together, we would like to reaffirm that your responses and suggestions as readers are always welcome.

—Malinda C. Allen
Editorial Board Chair
Experience magazine



This issue of Experience is dedicated to our veterans who have served and are serving the country. It also is dedicated to those lawyers and professionals who serve veterans in their pursuit of services and benefits.

The prologue is written by Albert C. Harvey, a current delegate from the Division to the ABA House of Delegates. More importantly for this issue, Al is a Major General, USMC, retired, and a distinguished veteran. It is, thus, appropriate and right that the prologue to this issue be written by him.

—John Hardin “Jack” Young
Issue Editor
Experience, Fall/Winter 2014



During the days leading up to and following Veterans Day this year, I and other veterans were asked to stand at numerous events in recognition of our military service in past years. The attitude of the public today seems much different than it was during and after the Vietnam War era. That war became an unpopular one, and some took it out on members of the armed forces, including many veterans. Thankfully, there has been a dramatic change in attitude.

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