Military & Veterans

What You Can Do for Your Country: Cross-Generational Support for Today’s PTSD Veterans

We are each proud to be veterans of the Army’s Vietnam era. One of us is an aging veterans’ advocate and law professor; the other is an active volunteer peer counselor, a decorated Ranger, and now an advisor to fellow PTSD veterans of the younger generation. We appreciate the reader’s willingness to consider ways in which you, the senior lawyer with or without military experience, can fill a real need in our nation today.

Military & Veterans

Letter to the ABA Senior Lawyers Division from a VA Doctor

Remember the poster of “Uncle Sam” pointing at the viewer, saying, “I want you!”? Well, as a physician in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare system, I want you—the lawyer reading this issue—to help my patients and the patients of my colleagues in VAs from Togus, Maine, to Honolulu, Hawaii, by offering your skill set to the veterans who cannot afford decent legal assistance.