January 01, 2013

Hope, Change, and Health Care

Welcome to the second issue in our special series on elder law. The first issue was published this past summer. It offered readers an introduction to the field of elder law, and it inaugurated an intensified focus on elder law issues that you will be seeing in the pages of Experience magazine.

In this current Fall-Winter issue, we begin an in-depth analysis of healthcare topics of importance for older people—especially topics arising in the wake of the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

Our original intention was for health care to be addressed in a single issue in the elder law series. The timeliness and vital importance of this subject, coupled with the fact that we have been blessed with more outstanding articles than we could present in one issue, has led us to the decision to produce two issues (this one and the next) focused on this all-important topic. So what was an inaugural, three-part series is now an even more significant four-part series. The final issue in the series, due out next fall, will deal with “financial and life-planning” matters facing seniors.

Of course, we owe the abundance of articles written by leaders in the field to the work done on our behalf by our guest editor, Walter Burke. As chair of the Editorial Board of Experience magazine, I cannot say enough about what it has meant to the Board to have Walter as guest editor of this series. His commitment, coupled with the skill of our ABA staff editor, Lisa Comforty, has assured the ultimate success of this effort.

—Malinda C. Allen

Editorial Board Chair

Experience magazine

There is an old proverb that states, “He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” In our recent election, a majority of Americans voted again for hope and change. While we all understand what hope is, this special issue of Experience magazine, and our next issue, as well, will examine some of the areas of change that will affect our health and our hope in the coming years.

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