July 01, 2013

What Is Elder Law? A Blend of Law and Lives

Walter T. Burke

Although this is the last issue in our series focusing on elder law, it represents just the beginning of what has been a ground-breaking publication process for Experience magazine. We will continue to turn to members of our Editorial Board, the SLD, and other experts to act as guest issue editors. What this means is that one or two issue editors will help us define an important topic for an issue and then solicit potential authors. Of course, Walter Burke, our first guest editor, has set a very high bar with this acclaimed series. We will be forever grateful to him for his contribution to this new, exciting future for Experience.

In the future, please watch for issues focused on often complex but compelling topics such as veterans’ affairs; real estate and the elderly; and our judicial system. As always, we welcome responses and suggestions from our readers.

Walter has carried the banner for elder law throughout his many years in a distinguished and productive career. We promise to do our very best to promote awareness that elder law is really everybody’s law.

—Malinda C. Allen
Editorial Board Chair
Experience magazine

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