July 01, 2013

Getting Ready to Get Older as a Solo: Your Time, Money, Health, and Practice

Jay G. Foonberg

If your life were a football game, we would say the fourth quarter is about to begin.

We all have choices, and choices have consequences. No matter your age, you still have choices—perhaps not as many as you used to have, but you still have choices. The purpose of this article is to help you make some choices. These choices have worked for me, and they can work for you.

Getting Ready to Get Older as a Solo

In this article, I wish to cover a few of the most common and simple things a solo can do to prepare for retirement. It may help to look at this article as a series of warnings that there are potholes ahead that must be anticipated and, whenever possible, avoided.

Many lawyers believe they can practice forever, earning what they currently earn and never needing to retire or needing money. Unfortunately, life is what happens when you have other plans. This may not be a very happy or very pleasant article to read, but it may force you to think and to make some difficult decisions. With a little luck it may have a happy ending or, perhaps more accurately, a happy beginning.

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