April 17, 2018 Financial Exploitation

Trusted Contact Persons: A New Tool for Protecting the Investment Accounts of Seniors

Studies show that the elderly are vulnerable to fraudulent schemes in most instances due to cognitive impairment and often times, it’s by a predator that they know (caregiver, close relative, etc.). A new FINRA rule recently became effective that tries to address this problem. It permits seniors to designate a "Trusted Contact Person" for their investment accounts. Tune in to

  • Outline the magnitude and nature of the problem that challenges the elderly;
  • Identify how the new rule is intended to help solve this problem;
  • Review some of the factors including risks and complications, that the investor needs to take into account in making the decision whether to designate a trusted contact person and whom to designate; and
  • Discuss what to expect as a result of making such a designation.

This webinar is not just for seniors, but also for attorneys who may have to advise their clients about this decision

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