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United States Capitol Building | Washington, D.C.

United States Capitol Building | Washington, D.C.

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Read accompanying notes for this program Advancing the Profession and Rule of Law Internationally (compiled by Robert Brown).

Description & Speakers

One of the core principles of the American Bar Association is its support of public policy concerning critical issues. For instance, recently the ABA has issued statements in support of human rights defenders in Hong Kong, treatment of minorities in China, criticism of the treatment of the Black community in the US.

When considering a new policy statement on international issues, the ABA funnels policy statement proposals through its International Policy Coordinating Committee. 

Special Guest Speaker

Tom Susman, ABA International Policy Coordinator 

Tom Susman is the ABAs International Policy Coordinator. He is also Strategic Advisor to the ABA Government Affairs Office, from 2008 to 2018 he was its Director.

The ABA Governmental Affairs Offices serves as the focal point for the Association's advocacy efforts before Congress, the Executive Branch, and other governmental entities on issues of importance to the legal profession. Prior to joining the ABA in 2008, he was a partner in the Washington Office of Ropes & Gray LLP for 27 years, where his practice included counseling, litigation, and lobbying on a wide range of regulatory, antitrust, healthcare, ethics, and information law issues. 

Tom is also a nationally recognized expert on lobbying ethics, having written and taught extensively on the topic. He co-edits the American Bar Association's Lobbying Manual; served as an adjunct professor on lobbying at The American University's Washington College of Law; and chairs the Ethics Committee of the National Institute for Lobbying and Ethics. He has also been active during his professional career in advancing public access to government information. He is President and Founder of the D.C. Open Government Coalition, chair of the Steering Committee of OpenTheGovernment, on the board of the National Coalition for Freedom of Information, and a member of the National Archives FOIA Advisory Committee.


Aaron Schildhaus, Co-Chair, International Senior Lawyers Committee

Aaron has decades of experience specializing in cross-border transactional and corporate work involving the US.  He represents US and foreign clients, helping them bridge the international business differences involving language, culture and legal systems.

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