About Us

Formed in 1986, the Senior Lawyer Division’s (SLD) mission is to serve as an advocate for senior lawyers and their families. The SLD has nearly 50,000 of the most senior and accomplished members of the ABA. In addition, the SLD has liaisons to other ABA Sections, Divisions, and Forums as well as to many of the Standing and Special committees. 

SLD Strategic Plan 2020-21

SLD's multi-year strategic plan was formed during Midyear 2020 and has evolved with objectives and action items to achieve five main goals (1) retain, engage and promote membership; (2) provide quality publications; (3) provide substantive programs; (4) become a collaborator with other Sections, Divisions, and Forums and other legal organizations; and (5) develop “Centers of Excellence” for resources on various topics based in the Senior Lawyers Division.

What We Do

The Division publishes books, periodicals, and e-newsletters for members. The most popular books are in the areas of elder law, inheritance planning, and a series of checklists for senior citizens with AARP. Our Division also publishes a monthly e-newsletter, Voice of Experience, and a quarterly magazine, Experience. Beyond publications, the SLD executes programmatic efforts by hosting summits and webinars on topics such as elder law, succession planning, retirement planning, switching to part-time, handling transitions, mentoring, pro bono service, senior driving issues, Medicare, working with clients or colleagues with Alzheimer’s or diminished capacity, and other senior well-being issues.

Council Members

  • Anthony H. Barash

    Chicago, IL


Honorary Council Members

  • Richard M. Leslie

    Coral Gables, FL


  • Kelly K. Dineen

    Omaha, NE


  • Alan M. DiSciullo

    New York, NY


Leadership Directory (2020-2021)

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Advertising Opportunities

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SLD Diversity Plan

The Senior Lawyers Division (“Division”) strongly supports the policies of the ABA to improve diversity in the profession and in the ranks of the members and leaders of all ABA entities and recognizes that the goal of diversity can only be achieved with the unequivocal support and participation of the Division’s leadership and individual commitment of each active Division member.