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April 17, 2024

To: Richard M. Leslie, Chair, ABA Senior Lawyers Division

Re: 2024-25 SLD Nominating Committee Report

Pursuant to §6.1 of the Bylaws of the ABA Senior Lawyers Division, the Nominating Committee nominates the following individuals for election at the business session of the Division to be held during the 2024 Annual Meeting:

Automatic Succession:

  • Karren J. Pope-Onwukwe, Chair
  • Anthony C. Musto, Chair-Elect


  • Vice-Chair (for a 1-year term ending 2025, with automatic succession to Chair-Elect): Robert L. Brown
  • Budget Officer (for a 1-year term ending in 2025, completing the term of Robert L. Brown): Alan M. Di Sciullo
  • Delegate (for a 3-year term ending in 2027): Albert C. Harvey


To serve four-year terms ending 2027:

  • Eric Y. Drogin
  • F. John Garza
  • Cathy Stricklin Krendl
  • Robert H. Louis

To complete Francis H. Morrison’s term ending 2026:

  • David A. Godfrey

To complete Alan Di Sciullo’s term ending 2026:

  • Tom McClure

Respectfully submitted,

James L. Schwartz, Chair, SLD Nominating Committee
Karren J. Pope-Onwukwe, Vice Chair
Daniel J. Homick, Member
Darcee Siegel, Member
Don Slesnick, Member