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Formed in 1986, the Senior Lawyer Division’s (SLD) mission is to serve as an advocate for senior lawyers and their families.

Senior Lawyers Division Executive Committee
Council Members
Honorary Council Member
Group 1 | Publications Group
Book Publishing Board, Experience Magazine Board, Voice of Experience Board
Group 2 | Programming & Service Group
Fall, Midyear, Spring, and Annual Meeting Committees; Ethics & Professionalism Committee; Financial Services & Retirement Planning Committeee; Pickering Award and Reception Committee; Pro Bono & Public Service Committee
Group 3 | Substantive Law Group
Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee; Election Law Committee; International Committee; Real Estate Law Committee
Group 4 | Elder Law Group
Elder Justice Committee; Elder Law Committee; Guardianship & Guardianship Alternatives Committee; Center for Excellence in Elder Law & Dementia; Wellbeing Committee
Group 5 | Membership & Communications Group
Membership & Membership Benefits Committee; Communications within ABA and with Other Bar Associations Committee; Travel Committee; U.S. Supreme Court Trip Committee
Group 6 | Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Group
Diversity and Inclusion (Goal III) Committee; Women of Excellence Committee
Group 7 | Administrative Group
Bylaws & Rules Committee, House of Delegate Committee, Nominating Committee, Strategic Planning Committee
Group 8 | Return to Fun Group
Group 9 | Financial Group
Leadership Resources