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Senior Lawyers Division

Recipient of the 2018 ABA Section Officer's Conference (SOC) Collaboration Award for its work on addressing the opioid epidemic with a summit in May 2018, the Senior Lawyers Division serves experienced lawyers and American families. The Division promotes professionalism in the law and assists lawyers and judges transitioning in their careers.

Lawyer Retirement Starter Series

Webinar Series | Achieve success later in life through this webinar series which guides you through the choices available after 60, the planning needed to carry out the choices made, and the pitfalls and opportunities that might interfere with those choices.

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Connect with SLD on LinkedIn!

SLD has a brand-new LinkedIn page to connect with our members! Check out our page, follow and share with your network!

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ABA members age 62 and over get new benefits

ABA members age 62 and over are eligible to receive several new free benefits including a quarterly print magazine, monthly e-newsletters, and access to webinars and travel programs. These experienced members are automatically enrolled in the ABA's Senior Lawyers Division without any additional dues obligation.

Voice of Experience: August 2023

Explore the many ways to think about where to live when you're planning for retirement: from downsizing to staying in place, from making your home more accessible to moving in with your in-laws. We explore the many ways to create a home.

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Exclusive 50% Discount on Project Service Fees through Lawyer Exchange

The ABA is excited to offer an exclusive member benefit through Lawyer Exchange, an online community of over 3,000 high quality attorneys who can be hired on a project basis for law practices who are looking for extra hands, expertise in niche practice areas, or to assist with coverage for long-term leave.

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Advertise with Senior Lawyers Division

Want your products & services visible to our influential and experienced lawyer audience?

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The most important work of any ABA group happens in its committees. Several of the Senior Lawyers Division substantive committees are seeking new members to make meaningful contributions. Learn more, and sign up today!

About SLD

The SLD has nearly 50,000 of the most senior and accomplished members of the ABA. Any ABA member can join for free. Those age 62 and over are automatically enrolled. The Division is active in providing member benefits such as magazines, e-newsletters, and webinars for members through the expertise of its many substantive committees and under the direction of its dedicated leaders.

Do you suspect elder abuse?

The ABA SLD Elder Abuse Prevention Committee is proud to offer the Inter-Disciplinary Elder Abuse Support (IDEAS) Team, a resource for attorneys working on complex elder abuse cases. If you would like to consult with other attorneys, National Adult Protective Services, or a Social Worker, fill out this form and submit it prior to the quarterly Senior Lawyer’s Division Elder Justice Committee meeting call, where you may be invited to discuss the case. Please send completed forms to [email protected]. Click "Learn More" below to see the schedule of upcoming meetings.

SLD Elder Justice Committee

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Webinar: Trusted Contact Persons: A New Tool for Protecting the Investment Accounts of Seniors

Studies show that the elderly are vulnerable to fraudulent schemes in most instances due to cognitive impairment and often times, it’s by a predator that they know (caregiver, close relative, etc.).

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SLD Wins the Outstanding Collaboration Award

And the winner is…us! On September 27th, 2018 the SLD took home the Section Officers Conference Outstanding Collaboration Award for our collaborative effort in addressing the growing opioid epidemic in our country.

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