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Artificial Intelligence Essentials from Past Issues of The SciTech Lawyer


2023 Artificial Intelligence & Robotics National Institute

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here, and it’s changing everything everywhere all at once in ways that lawyers cannot afford to ignore. Since last November, AI took a significant leap forward. AI isn’t just analyzing data, but also learning from it and generating original content—transforming industries and the way we do almost everything, including practicing law.

The Blockchain Revolution in Crypto and Beyond - Summer 2023 Issue

Misinformation Overland - Spring 2023 Issue

Unintended Consequences - Fall 2022 Issue

Quantum Computing - Spring 2022 Issue

Self-Driving Vehicles: Air, Land, and Sea - Spring 2021 Issue

Forensics - Summer 2020 Issue

Mobility - Winter 2020 Issue

AI and Healthcare - Fall 2020 Issue

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The SciTech Lawyer is published quarterly as a service to its members by the Section of Science & Technology Law of the American Bar Association. It endeavors to provide information about current developments in law, science, medicine, and technology that is of professional interest to the members of the ABA Section of Science & Technology Law.

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