July 01, 2020 Feature

Digital Forensics, Deepfakes, and the Legal Process

By Agnes E. Venema and Zeno J. Geradts, PhD

Deepfakes are receiving much attention because of their potential for use and abuse, and the fear that they might influence election campaigns because of their ability to create a hard-to-detect alternative reality. A deepfake can be essentially described as the video equivalent of a photoshopped picture. However, the technology behind creating deepfakes is vast and complex. With their proliferation among the general public, deepfakes are also finding their way into the courtroom. The first cases of fraud by deepfake have already been reported on, and deepfakes of famous actresses being superimposed in porn videos are rampant. This article will discuss what we believe to be some of the current issues around deepfakes and the influence we expect them to have on judicial proceedings in the not-too-distant future.

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