February 28, 2020 Feature

Message from the Chair

Julie A. Fleming

Exploring Data Issues

The “Data” theme of this issue of The SciTech Lawyer returns to a core focus area of the Science & Technology Law Section: Information Technology. Several veteran contributors are returning for this issue, including Rick Aldrich, who follows up his article from 2019 on the landmark Carpenter case with a review of several significant recent data-focused decisions from the courts, and Information Security Committee Vice Chair Catherine Barrett, who revisits the European Union’s Data Privacy Regulation with a review of the regulatory compliance practices emerging from the first year of GDPR enforcement. We also present Cathy Petrozzino’s examination of ethics in Big Data, Mike Fleckenstein’s discussion of how lawyers may consider data value and management in the client-focused environment, and Dan Shefet’s examination of the GDPR’s “Right to Be Forgotten” principle, which is gaining global attention in evolving data regulation schemes. Finally, in a timely shift from the “Data” theme, Robert Metzger, Vice Chair of the Section’s Information Security Committee, reviews recent cyber vulnerabilities and attacks, and their consequences, inviting readers to turn earnest attention to the state of global cyber policy, laws, and regulations in light of recent international developments.

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