March 06, 2019 Feature

Are the EU GDPR and the California CCPA Becoming the De facto Global Standards for Data Privacy and Protection?

By Catherine Barrett

The GDPR is designed to protect the personal data1 of an estimated 508 million people in the European Union (EU), the third-largest geo-political population in the world after China and India.2 The new regulation automatically applies to all 27 member states as of May 25, 2018, and includes eight new individual rights. In addition, the GDPR imposes new requirements on organizations that process personal data and are established in the EU and, in some cases, organizations that are established exclusively outside the EU.3 The broad application of the new regulation within the EU and the extraterritorial scope, which is articulated in Article 3, along with the possibility of hefty fines, which are detailed in Articles 83 and 84, are driving widespread adoption of the GDPR.

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