August 01, 2017

Eight Research Tips for Lawyers about Forensic Science

By Diana Botluk

 It’s Really Forensic Sciences

Forensic science isn’t just one branch of science. Different forensic disciplines come from different science disciplines. Forensic anthropology is related to anthropology, forensic pathology is related to medicine and biology, and forensic psychology is related to psychology. Some forensic fields incorporate more than one field of science, such as bloodstain analysis or toxicology. There are many different indexes for journal articles about science, and some may be tailored to a particular type of science, like TOXNET for toxicology. Thus, if you cannot find Forensic Science Abstracts, be sure to check literature indexes from specific science fields. Hint: do not use “forensic science” as part of your keyword search. A keyword search is not for searching topics or categories. It is for searching specific words that you think the author will write in an article about your particular issue. Chances are the author will not write “forensic science” because the article will be narrower than that.

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