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Jurimetrics Summer 2018

Volume 58 Issue 4  


Healthcare & Pharmaceutics

Granular Patient Control of Personal Health Information: Federal and State Law Considerations

The advent of electronic medical records and health information exchanges has facilitated the possibility of patients exercising increasingly granular control over sensitive health information. In principle, patients should be able to control which of their health information is made accessible to which of their healthcare providers. To meet this goal, the architects of any system of granular control of patients’ health information face a variety of challenges.

Courts & Judiciary

Intellectual Disability, The Death Penalty, and Jurors

This article presents the results of a novel experiment in which venire jurors participated in an intellectual disability hearing and a capital sentencing hearing. The diagnosis of a court-appointed expert was experimentally manipulated (defendant is or is not intellectually disabled), as was the provision of information about the crime (present or absent). Jurors were considerably more likely to find the defendant not disabled when the expert opined that the defendant was not disabled.


Book Review