Spring 2018 Volume 58 No. 3

Jurimetrics Journal

In the last twelve months we have seen seemingly unprecedented discussion and debate around new and emerging technologies, their tools, and the applications that they give rise to.

Jurisdictions are beginning to respond to growing demands to begin the clinical use of mitochondrial donation in human embryos.

Precision medicine is here, with rapid advancements in the technologies, tools, and life-saving products entering the market for the treatment of serious and life-threatening disease.

Both governments and private entities increasingly turn to distributed ledger technologies (DLT) for more efficient and transparent ways to implement administrative and other processes.

This article examines the relationship between innovation as measured by annual utility patents granted and two datasets for legislation: (1) the U.S. Code and (2) the Code of Federal Regulations from 1984 to 2015.

The legal equivalent of Homo economicus is Homo juridicalis, a stylized caricature of the way humans truly settle disputes. Contemporary economics’ emphasis on actual human behavior has exposed the misleading model of strictly “rational” decision-making.2

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