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Practice Edge

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Committee Interview

  • BioBlurb

  • Book Excerpt: Technology Licensing: A Practitioner's Guide


  • Health Tech Alert

  • The Role of Ecological & Climate Forecasting

  • SciStatus Update




  • ABA Annual Meeting SciTech Programs

  • ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 Seeks Comments

  • Call for Biotech Briefing article submissions

  • Jurimetrics Journal Awards Students

  • Section Revises Its Bylaws

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    Neuroscience   and the Law: Memory and Lie Detection

          May 5, 2011

          CLE   Teleconference


    Neuroscience   and the Law: Substance Dependence

          May 19, 2011

          CLE   Teleconference


    5th Annual Institute on e-Discovery

          May 19, 2011      

          Washington, DC


    Whose   Fault Is It that I Didn't Know it Wasn't You

          May 24,   2011

          CLE Teleconference


    Cloud Computing: Healthcare IT Models

          May 25, 2011

          Teleconference (No CLE)


    Neuroscience   and the Law: Competency Issues

          June 2, 2011

          CLE   Teleconference


            Neuroscience   and the Law: Violence

          June 16, 2011

          CLE Teleconference


    SciTech   MAD Committee Brown Bag

          June 17, 2011

          In   Person/Teleconference

          (No CLE Credit)


    Internet   Tracking, from Social Media to Behavioral Advertising

          June   28, 2011

          SciTech Member Benefit Teleconference (No CLE Credit)


    Data   Breach

          July 26, 2011

          CLE Teleconference


          2011   ABA Annual Meeting     

          August    4-9, 2011

          Toronto, Canada




    This comprehensive resource focuses on the law and its implications, encryption technology, recognized methods of resolving a breach, and many related aspects of information security. Read   More


            How science and technology will change the practice of the law.  Read   More




            Today more than ever, legal practitioners need to fully understand the obligations, liabilities, risks and treatments involving information security and privacy. Read   More


          Science for LawyersThis book clearly explains and discusses 13 applied scientific disciplines in   jargon-free language that is specifically geared toward lawyers. Read   More


            This practical guide will introduce you to the world of intellectual  property licensing as it applies to technology. Along with expert advice on how  to deal with open source licensing in a business context, the book answers the  essential questions such as "why license?" and "who owns  intellectual property?" and walks you through the various aspects of basic  contract drafting. Read more   




    Jurimetrics   Journal -  Quarterly scholarly journal featuring articles and reviews.

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    The SciTech Lawyer


    src="scitechlawyerspringcover.jpg" width="111" height="144">The Section's quarterly magazine features practical and timely articles on a diverse range of science and technology law issues. Click here to access this issue, which focuses on enviornmental law.


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     Chair’s Welcome by stephen wu


    Publishing to Help You Find a Job and

          Develop More  Business


    Job search and business  development continue to be a priority for students, new lawyers, and  experienced lawyers alike.  An excellent  way to distinguish yourself with potential employers or clients is writing or  editing a publication for the ABA Section of Science & Technology Law.  The Section has many opportunities and options to  publish, which vary from a short article in our magazine to a book.    Publishing  an article, monograph, or book demonstrates your expertise and helps your  readers to get to know you.  We  appreciate that you may be busy and may not have the time to write something  new.  You may, however, be able to  repurpose some of your existing work product for a Section publication.  Section publishing  allows you to network with national leaders, who are co-authors and/or editors




    Practice Edge


    Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Committee Interview
          AI and Robotics are no longer topics of the distant future. AI   software is used for underwriting mortgage loans and discovering new   breakthrough pharmaceuticals.





    “Lack of Success Terminates Study in Africa of AIDS Prevention in Women” In
          an unexpected setback for a new form of AIDS prevention, scientists on
          Monday halted a study in Africa intended to find out whether a daily
          antiretroviral pill can prevent women from becoming infected with the AIDS
          virus. Early data showed no evidence that the pill was working, according to
          The New York Times (April 18, 2011).



          Health Tech Alert

          Research and Innovation

          Sweet chemistry: Carbohydrate adhesion gives stainless steel implants beneficial new functions. Future patients who are in need of implanted biomedical devices may be in for a sweet surprise: the addition of “sophisticated sugar (carbohydrate) molecules” that will be attached to the stainless steel devices. The University of Alberta and Canada's National Institute for Nanotechnology have discovered that attaching these sugar molecules to the stainless steel devices can “modify the body's immune response before an organ transplant.” This can ultimately allow for organ transplantation from donors of different blood type.
          (April 27, 2011)
          read more..


    The Role of Ecological & Climate Forecasting

     The current discussion regarding climate policy often appears to be dominated by the catrastrophists who liken future climate scenarios to the plagues in the Book of Revelation or those blind skeptics whose scientific reasoning is more appropriate in a discussion within the Flat Earth Society.



    SciStatus Update

    It is time for reflections and "lessons learned" following the announcement by the National Incident Commander, Admiral Thad Allen, on September 19, 2010, that well-kill operations on the MC252 well in the Gulf of Mexico were complete, permanently sealing the well.




        ABA Annual Meeting SciTech Programs

    Don't miss the 2011 ABA Annual Meeting Toronto, Canada this summer. The ABA Annual Meeting is the largest legal expo, with more than 200 CLE programs, substantive committee meetings, and great networking events. The Section-Sponsored CLE programs range from demystifying cloud computing; ...

          read more...   

    ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 Seeks Comments

            The ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 has posted for comment two new Issues Papers.   The first paper concerns Multijurisdictional Practice and the second paper seeks   input relating to Alternative Business Structures.   Your feedback by June 1, 2011 is very   important to the Commission and the members would very much appreciate hearing   from you.  Please e-mail your responses by June 1, 2011, to Senior Research Paralegal   Natalia Vera at  href="">


    Call for Biotech Briefing Article Submissions

              Biotech Briefing seeks article submissions, which are due by June 15th   to Sofya Bakalova at:>.   Please review the author   submission guidelines and article   cover sheet for more information.



    Jurimetrics Journal Awards Student

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    Section Revises Its Bylaws



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