2010 ABA House of Delegates at Large

2010 ABA House of Delegates at Large

2010 Delegate-at-Large Candidates (You MUST Vote for exactly 6 – no more and no fewer).  ABA Annual Meeting registrants are encouraged to vote at the ABA Annual Meeting registration.

Scott F. Partridge, Texas

Frederic B. Rodgers, Colorado

David Wayne Sterling, Arkansas

John J. Bouma, Arizona

Jose C. Feliciano, Ohio

Kenneth E. Young, North Carolina

Carole L. Worthington, Tennessee

Katherine H. O’Neil, Oregon


2010 DELEGATE-AT-LARGE VACANCY ( Gilbert one-year term)

Jay E. Ray, Texas

2010 DELEGATE-AT-LARGE VACANCY ( Judge Marquardt one-year term)

Larry McDevitt, North Carolina