August 11, 2020

SciTech On Demand CLE Programs

SciTech - On Demand CLE

SciTech - On Demand CLE

AI and Robotics in the Workplace

AI-enhanced hiring screening may inadvertently generate algorithmic bias, discrimination, and disparate impact, opening employers to liability. Monitoring employee behavior and analyzing performance generates data that is quantitatively and qualitatively different than earlier approaches, with unexplored consequences. Employers will need to carefully consider if and how to deploy AI systems in light of traditional workplace norms and new trends in privacy law.

Current Trends in Food Safety Litigation

Join our experienced panel and learn how to:

  • Identify challenges facing food safety litigants, on the plaintiff and defense sides
  • Locate relevant resources to assist consumers, clients, and producers regarding food safety concerns
  • Express a better understanding of the regulations and agencies that govern the nation's food safety system
  • Assess prospective food safety cases and defenses in light of current trends in the case law

Cybersecurity for the Home and Office

Get to grips with the ethical competence of cybersecurity required of you as an attorney. Gain the knowledge you need about technology and cybersecurity to practice professionally. Join seasoned veteran in cybersecurity practice and published author John Bandler as he brings you this fun and informative webinar to move your cybersecurity protection forward and into the zone of safety.

Decoding the Numbers: The Latest in Cloud Standards

If your firm or your clients are using the cloud, you'll need to be aware of current and emerging cloud standards, especially as they pertain to security. The existing range of standards employs acronyms and numbers that can be confusing to navigate. This program will provide you with an overview of standards, including how to decode them, so you and your clients can use the cloud more effectively.

Driving the Next Generation: Legal Update on Self-Driving Cars

Move over KITT and Herbie the Love Bug, the real self-driving cars are here, and they've brought a plethora of legal issues with them. Get up to speed on the current outlook of U.S. state and federal law, the challenges that car manufacturers and software companies face, and where things are likely to go, so you can help your clients understand the coming revolution.