About Us

Section Staff

Caryn Cross Hawk
Section Director

Overall management of Section Operations and Staff

  • Budget and Financial Matters
  • Co-sponsorship Requests with outside organizations
  • Policy Matters including blanket authority requests, resolutions, etc.
  • Programming Requests (initial queries go to Program Committee Division Liaison)
  • Section Officer and Council Activities
  • Section Publications (The SciTech Lawyer, Jurimetrics, Book Publishing)
  • Strategic and Long Range Planning

Barbara Mitchell
Section Program Specialist

Programming, MembershipMarketing and Committee Initiatives

  • Section Membership, Diversity, Committees and Outreach Activities
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Strategic and Long Range Planning/ Committees/Membership Support
  • Goal 3 Reporting
  • Co-sponsorship Requests with Other ABA Entities for CLE Programming
  • Section Marketing and Communication
  •  Email and other Marketing Collateral
  • Leadership Communications
  • Emerging News – Quarterly Newsletter
  • Section Website – Homepage, Content Updates, Sponsorships
  • Social Media  (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

Leonel De La Mora
Program Assistant

Administrative Support and Special Projects

  • Brown Bag Program Scheduling, Marketing and Implementation
  • Budgeting/Finance Support
  • Member Reimbursements
  • Section Invoice Payment
  • Contracts and Purchase Orders
  • CLE Program Accreditation Documentation for non- ABACLE Programming (not being produced by ABACLE
  • Conference Call Scheduling
  • General Section Inquiries
  • Leadership Directory and Bylaws, Section Listservs, Redbook, Annual Appointments (Maintenance and Updates)
  • Midyear and Annual Meeting
  • Event Planning
  • Logistics including Venues, Conference Room Scheduling, A/V
  • CLE Document Processing
  • Contact for Section CLE Program and logistics
  • Section Calendar