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What kind of articles are you looking for?

Articles with practical information of interest to lawyers practicing in the areas of real property, trusts, and estates.  Topics vary from broad introductions helpful to lawyers working on a task or matter that is new to them, to advanced analyses of specific issues, to cutting-edge reports on new developments. 

How long should my article be?

Seven to eighteen double-spaced typed printed pages (1500 to 4000 words).

How do I submit an article for consideration?

Email a completed article in Word to Stephanie Casteel ([email protected]) for estate or trust-related topics, or to Brent Shaffer ([email protected]) for real estate-related topics.

Do I need to have my topic pre-approved before I write my submission?

Absolutely not required, but you are welcome to do so. Often we can provide feedback on whether we have recently published, or currently have in production, another article on the same or a similar topic and the likelihood that a submission on that topic would be accepted. 

Do I need to worry about citations and The Bluebook?

Though the magazine does not use footnotes, we do want citations in the text of your article, especially those that would be helpful to a reader wanting to find out more information about the topic. Lack of familiarity with The Bluebook should not discourage anyone from submitting an article, as our editors will assist in making sure citations are in proper form. 

Can I revise my article after it is accepted for publication?

Not unless we ask you to do so as a condition to acceptance. You should consider your submission to be your final draft.

What's your editing process?

Our Managing Editor at the ABA will first make revisions to conform to our magazine's format and style conventions, then our Associate Articles Editors, Articles Editor, and Editor of the magazine will review your article in succession. 

Do I get to provide feedback on any changes you make to my article?

Yes, you will be mailed page proofs for review once all edits are complete. 

Will you accept my article for publication if I previously published it elsewhere?

Generally, we insist on being the point of first publication. As explained in our Reprint Policy, authors retain rights to their articles and may republish them freely with revisions, or may reprint them with proper attribution to Probate & Property. ABA permission is needed for any reprints that use ABA logos or artwork from the magazine, however.

How quickly can you publish my article?

The time interval from the article submission deadline for an issue until the issue is mailed is 4 months. 

Where can I get more information about writing for Probate & Property?

Please review our article submission guidelines for Probate & Property Magazine.