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Real Property, Trust and Estate Law (RPTE) Section membership is a tremendous benefit to lawyers in every practice setting.

Whether you’re looking to find the latest case law legislative and regulatory developments, fulfill your mandatory CLE requirements, network with colleagues across the country, or discover practical planning and business development strategies, RPTE is here to help you!

Read more about why Section members from different practice settings find membership in RPTE to be a true asset to their practice and their career. . .


Practice Settings



Amy Morris Hess, Law Professor

"Membership in the RPTE Section enables me to discuss new developments in my areas of the law with the best minds in academia and in private practice. It provides me with numerous opportunities to contribute to the improvement of the law and to network for my students." Read more here...


In-House Counsel

Marjorie Bardwell, Lawyer - In-House Counsel

"Participating actively in the RPTE Section permits me to access the best in CLE, research and publications, to benefit from the experience of others on matters of interest to all in-house counsel, to enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded professionals, and to expand my knowledge by drawing on the best ideas from all aspects of real property, trusts and estates law." Read more here...


Government/Public Sector

Stephanie Smith, Lawyer - Government

"Active participation in the RPTE Section allows me to network with attorneys in the private and academic sectors so that I can keep my fingers on the pulse of the legal community and cutting-edge issues affecting my practice with a government agency." Read more here...


Large Law Firm

Anta Cissé-Green, Lawyer - Large Law Firm

"The RPTE Section provides me with opportunities to stay on top of the law and demonstrate knowledge of complex legal issues to the partners and special counsel in my large firm practice." Read more here...


Mid-Size Law Firm

Candace Cunningham, Lawyer - Mid-size Law Firm

"RPTE Section membership offers me a national platform on which to work at making a name for myself. I was surprised to find how accessible the Section is--as soon as I showed I was willing to get involved, my contributions were not only welcomed, they will be sought after." Read more here...


Small Boutique Law Firm

Martin Shenkman, Lawyer - Small Boutique Law Firm

"I especially value the opportunities I have found in the RPTE Section, including bouncing issues and ideas off other attorneys on a breadth of technical specialties that affect my clients' matters." Read more here...


Solo Law Firm

Jasleen Anand, Lawyer - Solo Law Firm

"As a practitioner in a private practice law office, I thrive on being recognized by as many attorneys and potential clients as possible, so that the wheels of my firm never stop churning. Membership in the RPTE Section provides a platform on which I can achieve just that and much more." Read more here...



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