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Lawyers Working Remotely

Jim Durham and Michael H. Rubin

Professor Jim Durham and Michael H. Rubin leads a discussion touching on the ethical issues that arise when lawyers work remotely. The discussion is formatted around a series of hypotheticals. There are some answers, and some clearly permitted practices, but there  are also many questions and gray areas. The speakers work to answer questions and to provide as much clarity as is possible in this new and evolving practice consideration.

Many of us are working remotely. What are the traps for lawyers who do legal work in states where they’re not licensed, whether this is during a conference, while on vacation, or in a home in another state? This program will outline the issues and address a series of fast-paced hypotheticals (which will be available before the call). Some of the hypotheticals have answers, others enter into gray areas, and still others raise more questions than solutions. This promises to be an energetic session with a mix of scholarship and humor.