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Facilitating Homeownership Through Resource Pooling

Andrew Sirkin and Sarah Dawn Cline

Our speaker, Andy Sirkin, delivered a presentation that explored various types of shared ownership arrangements, aimed at helping buyers of primary and secondary/vacation homes maximize their purchasing power. The focus was on four key concepts: (1) Subdivision Analogues; (2) Vacation Home Sharing; (3) Equity Sharing; and (4) Co-Living.

Andy Sirkin’s law practice is devoted exclusively to co-ownership and shared use of real estate, vehicles and vessels since 1985. More recently, Andy has been advised numerous internet-based startups and digital platforms that facilitate shared ownership and creative financing, including tokenization. Andy’s services include conceptual planning and business modelling, transaction structuring, offering materials, co-ownership agreements, entity formations, regulatory approvals, fractional lending and mediation. A vocal advocate for creation of affordable home ownership opportunities, Mr. Sirkin has made numerous appearances on San Francisco Bay Area television and radio, and addressed the Commonwealth Club of California. His first book, The Equity Sharing Manual, was published by John Wiley and Sons in November 1994, and his second book The Condominium Bluebook, was first published by Piedmont Press in January 2005.