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What is the ABA Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal?

The Journal is a scholarly publication in a law-review format. The Journal differs from traditional law reviews in that it has a dual editorial board consisting of an editorial board of practicing lawyers who are members of ABA’s Real Property, Trust and Estate (RPTE) Section and a student editorial board that is located at the University of South Carolina School of Law. The Journal focuses on subjects of interest and importance to lawyers practicing in the fields of real property, estate planning, probate, and trust law. 

What is the circulation of the RPTE Law Journal?

The Journal’s subscription base consists of over 22,000 RPTE section members, the major law libraries in the United States, and the major electronic research databases. 

How often is the RPTE Law Journal published?

Three times a year. 

How do you find articles for the RPTE Law Journal?

Articles are generally reviewed and selected by a team of three editors from the professional editorial board. Although the Journal editors actively encourage subject matter experts and CLE presenters to develop their topics into articles, approximately two thirds of the articles published in the Journal are sent in by authors without solicitation. Authors need not be RPTE Section members.

Why should I write an article for the RPTE Law Journal?

Publishing an article in the Journal allows law professors to reach an audience of attorneys whose practices will benefit from their articles.  For practicing attorneys, publishing an article in the Journal provides an opportunity to display exceptional knowledge on a particular topic, gain national recognition, contribute to the development of the law, and have their work permanently archived in libraries and electronic research databases.

What is the process for submitting an article to the RPTE Law Journal?

Email the article to [email protected]. You may also direct any questions to the Journal’s Editor, Amy Milligan, at [email protected]

Do I need to have my topic pre-approved?

No, but the professional editors are happy to provide feedback if you would like to discuss article ideas. 

How long should an article be?

Typical article length in the Journal is approximately 30-40 pages with 100 to 200 footnotes, but articles can range from 10 to over 100 pages. 

May the article include forms?

Yes, if appropriate for the subject matter. Section publications are primarily for practitioners, who always appreciate forms they can use in their practice. 

How long does it take for an article to be published?

The time to publication varies depending on many factors, including how many articles are in the queue.  However, the minimum is approximately five months. Our lag time compares very favorably with other law-review format publications. 

Do citations need to be in formal Bluebook style?

Yes, although the Student Editorial Board checks and corrects the Bluebooking. 

Do I get to provide feedback on changes to my article?

Yes. The citations and sources will be thoroughly checked by the Student Editorial Board, who will also suggest changes to the text. You will then have an opportunity to review the article again and discuss additional changes with a professional editor.