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RPTE eReport | Summer 2023

Real Property

Trust and Estate

Snapshot: Buying and Selling Art In USA

Gabrielle C. Wilson, Howard N. Spiegler, Lawrence M. Kaye, and Yael M. Weitz

Lawyers from Kaye Spiegler PLLC provide an overview of the U.S. law regarding art transactions, including the passing of title, implied warranties, and most significantly the legal issues applicable…

Aug 28, 2023 9 min read

Florida Passes Law Restricting Foreign Ownership of Real Estate

Kelly Shami, Elena Otero, and Brian Donnelly

An analysis of Florida’s new law which imposes restrictions on foreign ownership of real estate, including agricultural land and land near military installations and critical infrastructure, by perso…

Aug 28, 2023 6 min read

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