Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal (2009)

Real Property Probate and Trust Journal - 2009

Fall 2009 Vol. 44, No 3 (Full PDF)

  • The Perils Of Joint Tenancies
    John V. Orth
  • Aspects Of The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act
    Richard Linquanti
  • The Lender With Two Mortgages On The Same Property: Risks And Strategies
    Brian D. Hulse
  • Using Land Trusts To Prevent Small Farmer Land Loss
    Julius J. Zschau, Ulysses Clayborn, Andrew M. O’malley
  • Exposing The Myth Of Mortgage Prepayment Penalties In The Aftermath Of River East
    Scott Talkov

Summer 2009 Vol. 44, No. 2 (Full PDF)

  • Creating Intentional Grantor Trusts
    Stephen R. Akers, Jonathan G. Blattmachr and F. Ladson Boyle
  • The Development Of Islamic Finance In America: The Future Of Islamic Real Estate Investment Trusts
    Nicole C. O'Neal
  • An Update On The Bankruptcy Law Of Large Letters Of Credit for Leases
    Joshua Stein
  • New Reasons To Remember The Estate Taxation Of Reversions
    F. Philip Manns Jr.
  • The Nature Of The Property Curriculum In ABA-Approved Schools And Its Place In Real Estate Practice
    Joanne Martin

Spring 2009 Vol 44, No 1 (Full PDF)

  • Assignment And Subletting Restrictions In Leases And What They Mean In The Real World
    Joshua Stein
  • Curbing The License To Steal: A Discussion Of English Law And Possible Reforms For The Durable Power Of Attorney
    Amy Jo Conroy
  • The New Uniform Limited Cooperative Association Act: A Capital Idea For Principled Self-Help Value Added Firms, Community-Based Economic Development, And Low-Profit Joint Ventures
    Thomas Earl Geu & James B. Dean

Winter 2009, Vol 43, No 4 (Full PDF)

  • Guardians At The Gate: The Gatekeeper Initiative And The Risk-Based Approach For Transactional Lawyers
    By Kevin L. Shepherd
  • A Trap For The Wary: Delaware’s Anti-Delaware-Tax-Trap Statute Is Too Clever By Half (Of Infinity)
    By James P. Spica
  • No Transfer-Tax Exemption For Preconfirmation Transfers Of Assets In Chapter 11 Bankruptciescthe Supreme Court Rules In Piccadilly
    By John C. Murray
  • Notice And Opportunity To Repair Construction Defects: An Imperfect Response To The Perfect Storm
    By Alice M. Noble-Allgire
  • Book Review: The Faithless Fiduciary And The Quest For Charitable Accountability 1200–2005
    By Stephanie E. Heilborn