Real Property Probate and Trust Journal - 2008

Real Property Probate and Trust Journal - 2008

Fall 2008

  • Introduction to Succession Law in the 21st Century
    by Susan N. Gary
  • Legal Issues of Maternity and Inheritance for the Biotech Child of the 21st Century
    by Kristine S. Knaplund
  • Frontiers of Succession
    by Thomas P. Gallanis
  • On Inheritance and Disinheritance
    by Anne-Marie Rhodes
  • Unifying the Rules for Wills and Revocable Trusts in the Federal Estate Tax Apportionment Arena: Suggestions For Reform
    by Ira Mark Bloom
  • A Comment on Unification
    by Grayson M.P. McCouch
  • The Psychology of Dead Hand Control
    by Ronald Chester
  • Revocable Trusts and the Law of Wills: An Imperfect Fit
    by Alan Newman
  • Court Decisions and State Statutes Send Warning to "Foreclosure Consultants"
    by John C. Murray

Summer 2008

  • Supermarket Use and Exclusive Clauses, Part Six
  • The Enforceability of Default Interest in Real Estate Mortgages
  • Serve the Cheerleader—Serve The World: An Analysis of Representation in Estate and Trust Proceedings and Under the Uniform Trust Code and Other Modern< Trust Codes

Spring 2008

  • The Remedies Opinion and Customary Diligence - The Real Estate Secured Transaction Approach: Is it Consistent with Customary Non-Real Estate Legal Opinion Practice?
    (Ezell, Jacobson, Miller & Willis)
  • In Their Own Hand: An Analysis of Holographic Wills and Homemade Willmaking
  • Wills Act Formalities: How Much Compliance is Enough?
  • Title and UCC Insurance For Mexxanine-Financing Transactions
    (Murray & Scott)
  • Kelo's Planning Mandate: Replacing Clarity with Complications
  • Uniform Trust Code Section 503: Applying Hamilton Orders to Spendthrift Interests

Winter 2008

  • The Uniform Prudent Investor and Principal and Income Acts: Changing The Trust Landscape
  • Sri—Shibboleth or Canard (Socially Responsible Investing, That Is)
  • Coping with Kelo: A Potpourri Of Legislative and Judicial Responses
    (Eagle & Perotti)
  • Limitations on the Trustee’s Power to Adjust
  • The Power to Adjust and Total-Return Unitrust Statutes: State Developments and Tax Considerations