Real Property Probate and Trust Journal - 2006

Real Property Probate and Trust Journal - 2006

Fall 2006, Volume 41, No. 3
  • Conditional Love: Incentive Trusts and The Inflexibility Problem (Tate)
  • Breathing New Life Into the Contemporary Islamic WAQF (White)
  • Transfer-on-Death Deeds: The Nonprobate Revolution Continues (Gary)
  • Giving Birth To, Caring For, and Feeding The Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (Jasen)
  • Land Ownership and The Origins of Fiduciary Duty (Helfman)
  • Book Review: When Bad Things Happen To Good Property (Thomas)

Summer 2006, Volume 41, No. 2

  • Mortgage Workouts: Deeds In Escrow (Murray)
  • How The State Constitution Protects Property Owners In The Wake Of Kelo (Sandefur)
  • Evolution And Maturity Of The American Supermarket During World War II (Halper)
  • Waivers of Automatic Stay: Are They Enforceable? (Miller & Murray)
  • The Case For Limiting Estate Tax Inclusion Of Grants To The Annuity Payment Right (Whitty)

Spring 2006, Volume 41, No. 1

  • Subleases: A New Approach Revisited (Saltz & Miner)
  • Public Plundering Of Private Property Rights: Still A Bad Idea (Thomas)
  • Irc Sec. 6166: Comments To Tax Counsel For The Senate Finance Committee
  • Recharacterization Of Sale And Leaseback Transactions In Bankruptcy After Fifteen Years (Homburger-Marschel)
  • A Practical Look At Springing The Delaware Tax Trap To Avert Generation Skipping Tax (Spica)