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Real Property Probate and Trust Journal - 2004

Real Property Probate and Trust Journal - 2004

A scholarly journal published three times annually by the Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Section with assistance from the University of South Carolina School of Law.

Fall 2004

  • Speculations on "Speculation" in Trust Investing (Dobris)
  • Holistic Estate Planning (Gage)
  • UBTI and Prohibited Transactions (Hales)
  • Professional Responsibility and Asset Protection Trusts (Lischer)
  • Precision Industries V. Qualitech Steel (Sections 363 and 365) (Genovese)

Summer 2004

  • Property Condition Disclosure Forms (Lefcoe)
  • Public Use Clause: Holdings and Trends 1986-2003 (Wilk)
  • The Joint Trust: Estate Planning in New Environment (Martin)
  • Military Readiness and Environmental Security (Vogel)
  • The Disappointed Heir: Going Beyond Probate (Fried)
  • The USA PATRIOT Act: Complexities for the Real Estate Industry (Shepherd)


Spring 2004

  • Litigation Involving The Developer, Homeowners' Associations, And Lenders (Kennedy de Haan)
  • The Predicament Of The Posthumously Conceived Child (Elliott)
  • State Homestead Exemptions And Their Effect On The Federal Bankruptcy Laws (Rivera)
  • Older Clients With Diminishing Capacity And Their Advance Directives (Johns)
  • Models Of Will Revocation (Schwartz)

Winter 2004

  • 2003 Revised Uniform Estate Tax Apportionment Act (Kahn)
  • Relocating Easements: Response To Professor French (Orth)
  • Restatements Relating To Property: Why Lawyers Don't Really Care (Thomas)
  • Mediating Probate Disputes: Study of Court-Sponsored Programs (Madoff)
  • Posthumously Conceived Heirs Under A Revised UPC (Chester)
  • Annuity Tables Vs Factually Based Estate Tax Valuation: Ithaca Trust (Gerzog)