P R O B A T E   &   P R O P E R T Y
September/October 2004
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Section News

2004–05 Section Leaders

The 2004–05 Section leaders took office at the ABA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. The new Section leaders are:


Edward F. Koren, Tampa, FL


Kevin L. Shepherd, Baltimore, MD

Vice-Chair, Probate & Trust Division

Christine L. Albright, Chicago, IL

Vice-Chair, Real Property Division

Kathleen M. Martin, Minneapolis, MN

Finance & Corporate Sponsorship Officer

Stephen R. Akers, Dallas, TX

Assistant Finance & Corporate Sponsorship Officer

Roger D. Winston, Silver Spring, MD


Mark F. Mehlman, Chicago, IL

Section Delegates to the ABA House of Delegates

Neal J. Fink, Atlanta, GA

Leopold Z. Sher, New Orleans, LA

Raymond J. Werner, Chicago, IL

Immediate Past-Chair

Philip J. Bagley III, Richmond, VA

Real Property Division

Council Members

Nancy J. Appleby, Albuquerque, NM

Kenneth L. Samuelson, Washington, DC

Susan G. Talley, New Orleans, LA

David A. Thomas, Provo, UT

Michael D. Goler, Cleveland, OH

Barry B. Nekritz, Chicago, IL

Sidney G. Saltz, Chicago, IL

Timothy E. Powers, Dallas, TX

Roseleen Parker Rick, Richmond, VA

Shannon J. Skinner, Seattle, WA

Elwood F. Cahill Jr., New Orleans, LA

Andrew F. Palmieri, Alexandria, VA

Assistant Secretary,

Real Property Division

Robert J. Krapf, Wilmington, DE

Probate and Trust Division

Council Members

Jo Ann Engelhardt, Palm Beach, FL

T. Randolph Harris, New York, NY

William P. LaPiana, New York, NY

Gideon Rothschild, New York, NY

Linda B. Hirschson, New York, NY

Thomas M. Featherston Jr., Waco, TX

Tina Hestrom Portuondo, Coral Gables, FL

Alan F. Rothschild Jr., Columbus, GA

Linda S. Whitton, Valparaiso, IN

Bernard V. Kearse, Atlanta, GA

John W. Porter, Houston, TX

David J. Dietrich, Billings, MT

Assistant Secretary

Probate & Trust Division

Barbara Ann Sloan, New York, NY