P R O B A T E   &   P R O P E R T Y
March/April 2003
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Theme Calendar

To encourage readers to write articles for the magazine and to assist Section committees in planning their publication projects, Probate & Property has adopted the following editorial theme calendar. Each issue will include one or two property articles and one or two probate and trust articles related to the issue’s themes. Other articles of general interest will also be included.

Publication deadlines require that articles editors receive article drafts several months before publication. The magazine’s memorandum for authors gives more details on the format, length, and style of the articles. The memorandum may be obtained by contacting the managing editor or at www.abanet.org/rppt/publications/magazine/memo_for_authors.pdf.

Readers are invited to submit articles for consideration, both on the listed themes and on other topics.

Issue—September/October 2003

Real Estate Financing

Charitable Planning/Nonprofit Organizations

Article submission deadline : May 1, 2003

Issue—November/December 2003

Land Use/Growth Management

Tax Planning

Article submission deadline : July 1, 2003

Issue—January/February 2004

Leasing and Property Management

Basic Estate Planning

Article submission deadline : September 2, 2003

Issue—March/April 2004

Exotic Real Estate and Affordable Housing

Estate and Trust Administration

Article submission deadline : November 3, 2003

Issue—May/June 2004

Title Insurance

Employee Benefits and Retirement Benefits Planning

Article submission deadline : January 5, 2004

Issue—July/August 2004


Article submission deadline : March 1, 2004