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January/February 2002
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Public Articles

Life Insurance and Life Insurance Trusts: Basics and Beyond
By Bradley E.S. Fogel
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Expectations for the Twenty-First Century: An Overview of the New Limited Partnership Act
By Thomas E. Geu and Barry B. Nekritz
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Member Articles


Another Bite at the Apple: Using the Alternate Valuation Election to Restore a Credit Shelter Trust
By Robert A. Dawkins
 Web Page --  PDF

Information Technology Issues in Hotel Acquisitions’ A Buyer’s Perspective
By Ellen S. Smith
 Web Page --  PDF

Joint Tenancy with a Noncitizen Spouse: An Estate and Gift Tax Guide for the Perplexed
By Miriam A. Goodman
 Web Page --  PDF

“What’s It Worth—Who Wants to Know?”: The Valuation of Real Property in Litigation
By Michael Rikon
 Web Page -  PDF

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Estate Planners
By Alan F. Rothschild Jr.
 Web Page --  PDF

Wrinkles in the Enforceability Boilerplate
By Howard Darmstadter
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