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Probate & Property 2002 Theme Calendar

To encourage readers to write articles for the magazine and to assist Section committees in planning their publication projects, Probate & Property has adopted the following editorial theme calendar for 2002. Each issue will include one or two property articles and one or two probate and trust articles related to the issue’s themes. Issues also will include other articles of general interest. Suggested article topics are listed with the themes, but the editors will consider all articles related to a theme.

Publication deadlines require that articles editors receive drafts of articles several months before publication. The magazine’s “Memorandum for Authors” gives more details on the format, length and style of the articles.
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Readers are invited to submit articles for consideration, both on the listed themes and on other topics.



Leasing and Property Management: Ground leases; lender protection  provisions; tenants as employees; implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing; duty to mitigate on default; build to suit and tenant improvement provisions; telecommunication companies as tenants; utility deregulation issues; letters of intent; property management agreements; CAM charge provisions; residential leasing; condominiums and common interest communities.

Basic Estate Planning: Drafting for flexibility; drafting wills and revocable trusts; alternatives to probate; trusts for minor, spendthrift, immature and disabled beneficiaries; discretionary distributions from trusts; drafting for the modern family, including multiple marriages, blended families and nontraditional families; powers of appointment.


Exotic Real Estate: Planning, acquiring, developing, redeveloping, financing,  leasing and operating unusual types of real estate, including entertainment, hospitality and convention facilities, sports facilities, power plants, airports and heliports, hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, marinas, museums, cellular transmission sites and cemeteries.

Estate and Trust Administration: Postmortem transfer tax planning; fiduciary accounting and income tax issues, including state fiduciary income tax; estate administration issues; environmental problems of fiduciaries; estate and trust litigation; tax litigation.



Title Insurance: Fraud and forgery; claims procedures; creditors’ rights;  multistate/multiproperty transactions; surveys; form differences; under- writing software; title information on the Internet; national services.

Employee and Retirement Benefits Planning: ERISA fiduciary issues; employee stock ownership plans; welfare benefit plans; distributions from retirement plans and IRAs; IRA rollovers; divorce and retirement plans; plan terminations and mergers; executive compensation.


July/August Management/Technology: Back to basics; training associates; ethics;  alternative billing and ethical issues for billings; changing law firms; managing outside counsel; technology in law practice; multistate practice; MDPs; using the Internet; research tools. 12/15/01


Real Estate Financing. Loan document provisions; alternative financing sources; nonrecourse provisions; guaranties by corporate affiliates; prepayment charges; local counsel role in multistate loan transactions.

Charitable Planning/Nonprofit Organizations: Obtaining tax-exempt status; supporting organizations; community foundations; donor advised funds; charitable remainder trusts; charitable lead trusts; charitable gift annuities; charitable income tax deductions; private operating foundations; giving unique assets to charity; unrelated business income tax; S corporations and tax-exempt organizations.



Land Use/Growth Management: Zoning and building codes, natural resources and water rights; servitudes; takings; open space preservation; urban growth boundaries; historic preservation; shorelines; public rights in private property; natural disasters and improvements.

Tax Planning: Estate planning for farmers and ranchers; family limited partnerships; valuation planning and litigation; tax audits and litigation; state death taxes; generation-skipping tax issues; marital deduction; lifetime gifts; foreign trusts; taxation of resident and nonresident aliens; estate planning for business owners.





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